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Summary Home Page for objectives trend

New Activation

Input Page for new sales

Activation Log File

Perform a search in the activation log file

Trend Graphs

Page for generating objective and/or global sales graphs


Sample page of back-end interface

Store Contest

  • Web App //
  • APRILE, 2013

Application for internal use in Tim stores.
Development of a sales administration software designed to boost sales force to achieve specific objectives.

The front-end section shows a general summary of sales and objective achievement status, both personal and global. Moreover, it provides a multipurpose interface that can be used to search for statistical data and log files, or generate graphs on contract trends.

The application is completed by the back-end part, thus allowing an autonomous management of products/deals and objectives to be achieved.

  • Client: Tim
  • Skills needed: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Symfony 2