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Introduction to the game


Introduction to the game

Game Page

Html/css page to play the game

Final Page

Page showing final score

Baloon game

  • Web Game //
  • GIUGNO, 2013

Animated game linked to the campaign 'Risparmia il tuo tempo' (Save your time).
The game is an integral part of a communication strategy aimed at increasing the use of alternative channels instead of going to the branch. Indeed, the main goal of the game is to become more familiar with the various channels that can be used to operate a bank account.
Some balloons become randomly lighter, thus partially showing their content (one of the four channel logos). To play the game, just click on the balloon before it gets lighter, so to earn points/minutes which will then build up the final score.

  • Client: Unicredit
  • Skills needed: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Photoshop

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